Hand-made sheabutter is a traditional activity where mostly rural women extract shea butter using their hand as a tool of extraction. About 75% of rural women in northern Ghana, process either shea butter or shea nuts as a source of livelihood. This has made the industry a very sensitive one since it involves women in rural areas who are in the poverty line.

The processing of shea butter has been an age old activity in the northern region and the skill passed down from a mother to her daughter and further to her grand children. This has maintained the skill and made it unadulterated. Back in old days shea butter was used mostly for cooking and as pomade because back then the most rural folks could not afford refined cooking oils as well as pomades on the market. This made shea butter a necessity for the rural folk. From a period when a woman could only produce 15kg of shea butter for personal use and sale; to now where a woman can produce about 500kg in a month, we can only say there is an increase in demand and productivity.

Tiehisuma sheabutter contains 100% natural sheabutter made with well-processed sheanuts. Sheabutter is a fatty-acid extracted from the kennels of vitellariaparadoxa (Shea tree). It contains high levels of UV absorbing tri-terpe ne esters including cinnamic acid and vitamins A and E. The high fatty acid content of sheabutter makes it an excellent additive to soap, shampoos, lotions and massage oils.

It moisturizes and protects the skin and scalp and improves hair texture, moisture and growth. Sheabutter helps heal burns, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, dandruff and stretch marks.

Tiehisuma sheabutter is unrefined and comes in three natural colors of light yellow, white and ivory. We also produce deep yellow sheabutter by the use of a natural root dye. Our sheabutter is produced from carefully selected nuts and processed at our well resourced processing facility will give you a much lower FFA, moisture and impurity levels.

Our sheabutter is processed upon order and does not pass through a middle-person and so is very fresh and affordable. It has a shelf life of up to 24 months. Our comprehensive sampling procedure ensures that quality is assured through each batch of the sheabutter produced.


  1. 25kg Plain/Printed Corrugated Cartons
  2. 25lb Plain/Printed Corrugated Cartons
  3. 10kg Plain/Printed Corrugated Cartons