Why Choose Us

Our long years of experience in sheabutter production, packaging of sheabutter and export makes Tiehisuma a perfect choice for any person or organisation who needs high quality sheabutter with consistent quality and time-bound deliveries.

Our processing center located in Gurugu is one of the largest hand-made sheabutter facility in Northern Ghana.

All stages of the production is done on-site with experienced surpervisors to ensure that the highest basic standards are adhered to.

At Tiehisuma quality is our trade mark among other virtues. Buying sheabutter from Tiehisuma is like producing it yourself. All unsatisfied products if they unlikely happen can be returned for replacement.

Tiehisuma Sheabutter Processing Center has sold over 1500tons of shea butter locally and internationally since 2005. Our current production capacity is 100MT a month.

Among the countries are the US, UK, Italy, Germany, Canada, China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, South Sudan, South Korea and Brazil. Apart from sheabutter, Tiehisuma also produces its high quality african blacksoap using our grade A sheabutter to ensure freshness of every use of our soap. Also we do supply shea nuts to companies who intend to extract their sheabutter by machine. Tiehisuma Sheabutter “the farm gate at your doorsteps”